Lauri Salmi, 1st Töölö Grand Ball, 2016

Created by Lauri Salmi, 18-12-2016

Tournament: 1st Töölö Grand Ball (10 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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Final table: Marko (Lasombra Wormwood Baltimorepurge Toolbox) ->

Ilari (Giovanni Powerbleed) ->

Jukka (Dementation Anarch stealth bleed) ->

Jyri (Blackhand Dementation Bleed with Anu Diptinatpa ->

Lauri (me) (Lord Tremere Toolbox)

This was first tournament arrange in one of our new players (Tero Aalto, hstarted playing last march, but was already playing at the EC in Genoa) home aTöölö, Helsinki. Nice residence and works for a small tournaments, with 2-tables top. We got 11 players turning up, but one opted to leave before thstart and see the new Star Wars instead, so Thanks to HG for that. We playetwo rounds and Final then with 10 players.

Preliminary rounds only had 1 GW, in those four games, and that was by Jukkwith 2vp eventhough he was ousted in that game, so all the tables went Time.

Marko won his place in final by coin toss (dice roll) over Henna-Riikka(one othe two tournament first timers). And Jyri won third seed agianst me in coitoss (dice Roll). Ilari was second seed (another tournament first timer) anJukka with only GW of course was the first seed.

So me and Marko sat at the table, and Jyri opted to bleed me, then Ilari opteto bleed Jyri and finaly Jukka went between Ilari and Jyri. Marko was diced tbe the starter.

I had personally really bad start and didn’t get Malgorzata on starting cryptand actually opted to buy new vampire twice before even getting her, and welso it was turn 5 when I finaly got my first vampire, everyone else had 3-minions by that time, and my predator had bled me twice by bleeds of four, so really didn’t expect to win.

However my predator got enough pressure by his predator that I manage to geMalgorzata up and villein, then start using her special ability to bring LorTremere up and villein him too, even with Wormwood by my prey lowering capacitdown to 7-8.

Even then the Giovanni with four vampires including Le Dinh Tho, manage to oushis prey and even next one, while my prey with the Lasombra gave a littlpressure to him, finaly allowing me to do timely oust with bleeds and AnarchisUprising.

If I had not manage to oust Marko then, I propably would not have survived hiand Ilaris turn, but with that timely oust, I did have the upper hand, anmanage to put all of Ilaris vampires into Torpor and win the came about 1minutes before time, earning me Tournament win, and my first TWDA entry withouNana Buruku featured in my decklist.

Winners decklistThis deck is similar to EC Genoa winners Pau Vilars, so thanks to him and others who had played similar decks before











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