Guido Leatherface

Created by Petrus Makkonen, 28-07-2017

Tournament: Ropecon Finnish ECQ (37 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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Took 3GW+10VP in preliminary rounds in Ropecon EQC 2017, Finland Helsinki. Won finals with time as top seed, 0,5VP.

The Finnish title for every iteration is just 'Guido Kuolematon', no matter what's in there. Always remember to add one Guido in there to make it a Guido deck. The rest is pretty much irrelevant.

In here I was initially thinking of ways to deal with Weenie Animalism. Beast is pretty much a free minion for you when Governed down, and deals with 3 blood animalismers with a single Slam!. Put the guys in the freezer to keep up with the blood race.

Rest of the time? Remember all those times when the cross table obfuscate voter goes to 1 blood with bloody everything after rescues, no one plays interaction and they win the game the next turn? They're not playing a single combat card. Neither does Beast have to.

For extra fun times Beast is always the one who drains Pentexes. You don't really have to worry about that. As long as it's not Angelica or Gratiano you're good to go. It's not that the deck suffers if you're not playing Beast. And you can always beg for removals from cross table... Anyways, you'll get to dodge Pentex with your REAL vampires (coughguidocough) and bleed with Govern.

The crypt around Beast could be whatever. 6 Slams and Beast is all you need. Just don't think you'll have to commit a game plan on him. Don't. This could just as well be Euro Brujah. Or Arika turbo. Or Huitzi MMPA.

Put the deck together in an evening and changed a lot of cards on a whim 15 minutes before the tournament. Should use more Obfuscate and there's some room for weird tinkerings.











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