Dream a Little Dream (Cup Edition)

Created by Karl Schaefer, 09-11-2019

Tournament: American Cup Series: Denver (Well-Aimed Car) (17 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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!Malk Dream World bread deck.

Some minor tweaks since my original win with this. Stavros is really the staand every time I saw Alicia Burrows, I just wished it was Stavros. It may bbetter to shrink the crypt up more by replacing both Alicias with anotheStavros and Fabrizia. Switching to 4/5 would add some OBF help with !Nosferatweenies, but loses General Perfidio Dios. The extra vote and extra place ttoss Powerbase: Madrid votes is useful but may be making the deck too largoverall.

I chose this deck for the day because it tends to have surprisinsurvivability. I got 2 GW on NAC Day One this year with it and I have greafamiliarity with it. Since the event was going to include many folks I hanever played with, I wanted that familiarity and reliability. I squeaked intthe finals with 1 GW 5 VPs, earning my game win in round one, but face DarbKeeney's Temptation deck in rounds 2 and 3 plus the final (my deck stalled iboth directions). His deck is a solid counter to mine: Temptation, allies thacan steal blood (and life), and permacept in Bupe and Saatet-Ta.

For me the day revolves around battling that same Temptation deck over and oveand over, but there was more to the final that just our two decks.

1st seed Dave Litwin Dmitra Breed/Boon 0.5 VP ->

3rd seed Bill Troxel Mordecai Ben-Nun Anarch Legionnaires 0.5 VP ->

5th seed Kevin Mitcham Arika with G2/3 Ventrue 0.5 VP ->

4th seed Me 1.5 VP ->

2nd seed Darby Keeney Temptation 0 VI had no seating choice and am not sure where I would have sat had I been givea choice. I am pretty sure that Darby chose to sit in front of me because iour two previous encounters that day I did not manage to oust him. The latteencounter ended with us being heads up and he was about 2 minutes from oustinme. I think it was his best seating choice given our previous interactions.

I went fourth and had Fabrizia, so I was able to get the baby-making goinearly. I had some extra time without interference, since Kevin's first vampirwas Arika. Darby brought Bupe up early so I was spending more stealth than wanted to do normal things like hunting. Bill was dumping large portions of hilibrary with Liquidation and Kevin was rightly concerned. He tried to Entrancthe first Legionnaire, but 2 Detect Authorities and 3 intercept later, he wacaught losing a lot of blood in the process. This left the window open foDarby to Tempt Arika. With Dave putting Dmitra in play, Darby needed tuse Arika to help him oust, since stealing his prey's vampires was not aeffective. That being said, Dmitra was trying to help Arika get blood back.

The game shifted to everyone hanging on. Bill kept getting more Legionnaireand had The Unamsking and FBI in play. Kevin got up two more large Ventrue.

I was up to around 8 minions with Fabrizia Tempted and 2 Creation Rites itorpor. Darby was making the most headway using Arika effectively and gettinDave's pool to single digits.

Then the game state changed. Neither Dave nor Kevin liked The Unmasking and had drawn The Uncoiling. I made a deal with the table to have them pass a CoBoon !Malk (for 7) and I would put The Uncoiling in play. Darby was makinsolid progress and put the Fear of Mekhet on Arika to reduce her high bloototal to make it easier to grab her with the Temptation. Occasionally Dave wamaking a baby and Bill was still churning out Legionnaires. Bill made a firspush against Kevin. Kevin was feeling the pressure and also irked by Darbpartially controlling Arika. Kevin calls Anarchist Uprising to really put thhurt on Bill (and me), but Dave was up to six minions and Darby had enough thait was voted down because I would have been in position to get a quick 2 VPs.

After that, I decided to make a move. I played Dream World and get Darby down t3 pool. I wasn't able to finish him. Darby is in a no-win position and haDave, Kevin, and me working on him. After some forward action, he transferout. This both hurts and helps me later in the game. Dave makes littlprogress against Bill. With a VP on the table, Bill makes a big push againsKevin. Kevin is really low on his turn and makes some progress on me as hgains pool. With Darby gone, the Fear of Mekhet kept on of Kevin's vampires ithe game, which I had not counted on. I took a decent amount of damage.

I decide that survival is more important than going forward against Dave, sincI didn't have a Dream World to play. Instead I farm my Blood Dolls and call Con Boon. The Boon passes as Dave figures, I may need to survive Bill and hcan't take Bill heads-up (even if he has the tie-breaker). Bill makes anothepush and after some valiant defense, Kevin survives by playing Majesty with thformerly Feared Lucinde. So, while Lucinde put a hurt on me the previous turnher presence keeps Kevin in the game, which in the end allows me to win. Witalmost no time left, Arika bleeds for 7, which I take, leaving me at 4 poowhen time is called.











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