Tuomas Nyberg, 10th Hiekkaharju Nightmare, 2019

Created by Tuomas Nyberg, 11-05-2019

Tournament: 10th Hiekkaharju Nightmare (24 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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Deck made of 2 new Lasombra starters + about 10 cards. I mainly wanted to advotes that punish big boards + some utility masters.

Deck made of 2 new Lasombra starters + about 10 cards. I mainly wanted to add votes that punish big boards + some utility masters. Small tournament recap.

First round: Gargoyles were behind me and Lasombra bleed in front. Many bleeds for 6 were deflected around the table. I was able to get one vp before defeat.

Second round: I was between Enkidu and Matasuntha :lol: .Girls deck luckily got Matasunthas attention and Enkidu was busy with legionaires. I was able to oust Matasuntha. Enkidu got himself to regent and did random rush to my poor Charles Delmare, one Entombment and diableri later Charles was the Regent. Game went to time with Girls deck ousting legionaires and former Enkidu.

Round three: I was bit worried when Maris Streck and Mathias with Heidelberg behind me. Luckily none of my vampires were stolen. I was able to oust Kiasyd shamblars in front of me with Ancilla Empowerement after they had ousted Animalism anarchs. I won heads up with !nosferatu with zero relevant cards left in my hand or deck.

Final was weird game.

Game was me ->Setites ->GirlsDeck,->Louhi toolbox-> Capuching tremere bleed multiaction wall->

I felt like after dealing 15 pool damage to the Setites they were still at 31 pool :( . I had to give table 9+9+6+6+6 pool with political Stranglehold to stay alive. Entombment shown earlier rounds kept Capuchin from bleeding few times. I drawed really nice sequence of bleed, stealth and votes after deflecting Enkil Cog bleed for 6 during my turn and was able to get oust. Game timed out bit later with me being most likely to drop next. We were playing with the rule of 10 min extra time/oust. That caused weird interaction since Tommi with the Girls deck could have gone after me to get one more turn to play even though he himself would not get oust since Louhi was in 10+ pool. Luckily for me he said no to shananiganSome notes to added cardMelinda should have been another Anton de ConcepcionAncient Influence and Reins power felt bit weak with 9 cap being usually biggesAdded ally hate felt good











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