Propaganda Moves

Created by Karl Schaefer, 10-06-2019

Tournament: Week of Nightmares 2019 Event 3 (16 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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Night Moves + Propaganda.

I played this online several times and liked the basic concept. Big thanks to Kfor helping tune this deck. It worked beautifully today until the finals. Round finshed in 37:30 with a sweep at a four-player table. Round 2 gave me an additionaVP, which tied me for second-place. Both rounds were helped immensely by a firsturn Information Highway. As usual, I lost the die roll, so I was third seed goininto the finals.

SeatingMe ->

Conner Bell (Legacy of Pander) ->

Mark Loughman (KS Stealth Bleed) ->

John Pattie (Tremere with Potence toolbox) ->

Alex Romano (Henry Taylor Twister)

I ended up exactly where I wanted. I knew if Alex could get set up that none of thdecks at the table would be able to oust him. So, I was hoping to let Mark get Johoff the table and out-race the eventual Smiling Jack to get 2 VPs and win on seeding.

My opening crypt draw was awful, containing no Anarch Converts. I had to dig twicjust to find the first one. So, there was a lot of early discarding of unplayablcards. Fortunately, the Legacy deck never got one into play, which would have madmy victory impossible. Mark made somewhat quick work of John. In the four-playerAlex allowed me to call two Diversity, which gave me 12 pool and Alex 8, with Marand Conner only gaining 2 pool each. I think it was a mistake for Alex to allow thesvotes to go through.

The rest of the game was me crashing into Conner's vampires sometimes with stealthsometimes slap fighting. Eventually I oust Conner and continue against Mark in thsame way. Alex tried to deal with Mark to oust me and go heads up, but Alex waalready set up. Mark kept trying to make forward progress, even getting Alex to 3 pool.

Eventually, I got Mark next and conceded my VP to Alex, since I had no way of getting bHenry Taylor.

I won on seeding in a 2-2-1 result.











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