(Death) Stars of the Stage

Created by Karl Schaefer, 11-06-2019

Tournament: Week of Nightmares 2019 Event 5 (18 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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Daughters Death Star variant.

Update of the classic Matt Morgan Death Star with newer Anarch cards and switch to Daughters of Cacophony. I played an earlier version of this deck lasWeek of Nightmares and squeaked into a final with it, but the deck was nonearly resilient enough. Darby Keeney suggested adding more Conductors and thsect change for Embraces allowed me to ditch Seattle Committee and TwilighCamp for better Masters.

In Round 1, I was sandwiched in between Alex and Mark. I had a brief windowhere Alex was a 10 pool and I drew my first Revolutionary Council. With Alex'prey at 1 pool, I had to go for the vote. Mark was showing sporadic intercepand managed to catch me. My game went downhill quickly as they teamed-up tbounce Alonso Petrodon to me.

Round 2 was much better, but a slow game with 3 vote decks, so there was lotof talking. My prey had a Legendary, Cardinal-Benedicted Isouda gedecapitated, so I was mostly in a good position, but with very little carmovement, I was mostly a horde-bleed deck. First Tradition hit the table anlocked quite a few Methuselahs. I was able to work successfully because I haan un-Converted Yseult, calling my prey's Black Forest Base vote. The gamsomewhat devolved from there and I ended with 4 VPs.

Alex Romano (Group 4/5 Nos Royalty) ->

Mark Loughman (Emerald Legionnaire) ->

Kelly Schultz (The unnamed w/Maleficia) ->

Me ->

Ben Peal (Black Hand toolbox)

I chose to sit as Kelly's prey not remembering what he was playing. The goothing about The unnamed was that it took him several turns to get it in play. had a good opening crypt draw and got Yseult and Angela Preston early. ThEmbraces came up quickly.

Mark got Erlik and Erebus, a few Legionnaires and some guns, but spent way tomuch. Alex scored an early VP. I never blocked The unnamed and fortunately inever got the Enkil Cog. I tried to keep my pool total high enough via Con Booand for the most part was in good shape. I called my first RevolutionarCouncil vote for 14, all pool damage to my prey. Then, using Firebrand unlockeand call two Con Boons. Unfortunately each ended via Evil Eye, resulting in npool gain.

On my next turn, I started with 4 pool. Losing 1 to Contagion and paying 1 morpool to recycle Revolutionary Council via Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, leaving mat 2 pool. Ben was at 7 and the vote should have been easy to pass witConductor, 2 Barons, 3 Firebrands, and Bastielle Opera House (22 votes), but stupidly put The Coven in play on my previous turn, which meant that Kelly'Horde with Malificia gained blood without having to lock.

I stymied my own oust, as the Horde Evil-Eyed the vote. I spent the next feactions trying to cycle into some kind of oust, including running Angelthrough several different Baron titles, bleeding, calling other votes, but mmath always came up 1 pool short. So, I looked backwards and Kelly was withirange of the the Dominate. A quick deal with Alex was hatched and I called Lily Prelude at inferior putting all 4 points on my predator.

Ben gets up to 10 pool and then Alex lunges. He hits Unleash Hell's Fury firstbut manages to finish him off with the other two vampires. I'm sure if anotheaction were available to him, I would have been off the table as well. InsteadI start my turn with 2 pool, paying 1 to recur Revolutionary Council again ancall it to oust Ben. I send an Embrace over to burn the vampire in torpor, buinstead burn Warsaw Station. I send a bleed of 1 over to grab the Edge.

Alex plays another Station (his pool is around 20 at this point). He sends in bleed with Alonso Petrodon, boosting it to 5 and gets Archoned. He takes couple of tool up actions, including Heroic Might. After rushing one of mBarons into torpor, he passes the turn back to me. Edge pays to grab thRevolutionary Council again and I easily pass it, leaving Alex at 6 or 7 pool.

Alex plays Pentex on my remaining Baron (Angela) and rushes my only othe"real" Daughter. She survives via Majesty and he attempts to leave defenders.

Alex told me after that he was cycling, looking for a Sudden as he expected mto play Pentex. I start my turn with 4 pool and all of my remaining cards in mhand. I play Pentex and there's no Sudden, so we're contesting. I call my otheRevolutionary Council vote, hitting 3 stealth as I bypass his standing vampire.

I had the Daring the Dawn in hand at this point, but in case something wenwrong I wanted her out-of-torpor. The last vote succeeds and I take the tabl3-2.











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