Lasse Poyry, 3rd Great Symposium, 2020

Created by Lasse Poyry, 03-10-2020

Tournament: 3rd Great Symposium (13 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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I wanted to make a deck that a) would not be easily ousted b) would guarantee that games will not go to time. So, Shatter the Gates with MMA gains it was.

First round started quite nicely and I delivered shattered counters early on. Unfortunately Peetu also got his game running fast, gaining with Kaymakli fragment and voting damage. 1vp for me, not a disaster, but less than I was hoping for.

Second round was terrible. Again, I was playing the table to Peetu, who was my prey. I couldn´t defend my shatter the gates and still I was stubbornly trying to play them. 0vp, and another GW for Peetu.

Third round saved the day. If i recall correctly, I didn´t get shatters, but gained enough, bled enough, talked enough to manage a GW and place in the final table. Close call and a bleeding race with Pasi in the end.

In the finals seating was me -> Tero (Malgorzata/Lord Tremere/Mistress Fanchon) -> Peetu (Giotto Verducci/Nos princes) -> Tom (Unnamed) -> Emma (Ventrue). From earlier rounds it was obvious that Peetu was the table threat. Also it seemed that Teros deck was not fast enough to put any pressure and there was very little that Tom could do backwards to Peetu.

I decided to not play shatters at all. Instead, we had a similar understanding of the table with Emma; Tom had to go first, then we would do anything to help Tero oust Peetu. After that, hopefully I could oust Tero and we both would have a chance to win the game (and tournee).

Plan worked like a charm. Close call though and (don´t qiute remember the details, but) coordinating bounces and well timed DI was needed as very often is the case. Great Beast helped a lot. In the end I think I had Cybele, Beastie, Veneficti and legionnaires to bleed and liquidation/Ashurs running nicely and duel with Emma was quite easy at that point.

Finals thought of the deck.

It was kinda fun to play for a while. Liquidation/Ashurs are way too strong and i wont be playing those without a really good reason. Babalawo is awesome. And so is the Great Beast. Those I most definetily will be playing a lot more and in different kind of decks. I was mostly worried about combat decks and surviving with direct rushes. I was lucky I guess, since I really don´t recall a tournament in which there was less combat than in this one, (I think Ari´s trap/blight was the only combat deck I saw).

All in all, it was nice to play a tournament and it seemes that we have to wait a while until the next opportunity. I´ll be more than happy to "organize" (host really) tournaments in the same venue.











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