Dirty Nights

Created by Karl Schaefer, 25-07-2021

Tournament: Old Friends: Newark (13 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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Night Moves + Inside DirA fun day with a little luck thrown in.

Round 1: I swept a 5-player table. Going fourth gave me the right set up against the large vampire decks in front of me. My predator was a bruise-bleed deck that I managed to mostly ignore because of the pool gain from the ousts. The star card this round was Millicent Smith, which I dropped in the two player. I could stealth by blocks and he could not. It sealed the sweep.

Round 2: I sat prey of a speed War Ghoul deck. It went about as expected. I lost a minion a turn, but had my prey as close as 2 pool before finally succumbing.

I was first seed for the finals. Knowing what the other decks were playing I was unsure that any of them could be fast enough or robust enough to stop the speed War Ghoul deck. I chose to sit as the predator of that deck hoping that the burn blood effect on Inside Dirt would prevent any War Ghouls from getting into play. (I never actually used that effect all day.)

Finals seatingMark Loughman: AAA Aching Beauty ->

Brad Cashdollar: Stanislava ->

Jay Kristoff: Black Hand block ->

Me: Inside Dirt ->

Bill Troxel: Speed War GhouBill had a bad crypt draw and did not get a Tzimisce on turn one. I opened with two Clotho's Gift in hand and instead of attempting any forward actions ensured that I got extra crypt cards as fast as possible. Bill was without a War Ghoul for several turns, but instead of using my first Inside Dirt to empty I decided that I had enough vampires and would rather Bill spend the pool. Bill finally gets a War Ghoul. At the start of his next turn, he is at 7 pool and I have 5 vampires in play. He plays The Parthenon (for a cycle) and then locks it for Dia de los Muetos. I Wash the latter. I lose an empty Lubomira to a War Ghoul rush. Bill spends 3 more pool on another War Ghoul leaving himself at 2 pool. He then calls Autorkis Persecution. Mark had vote lock. Both Bill and I both attempted to negotiate with Mark; Bill won the negotiations. So, I Delayed the vote. Bill had a Cryptic Rider and a second Autarkis in hand. I never would have ousted him had those passed. He managed to cycle into a Con Boon and ended his turn with 4 pool. Mark is close to ousting Brad, calling Parity Shift and giving Bill 2 pool. Next turn I manage to oust Bill with my 4 remaining vampires. Mark ousts Brad. After another turn, Mark starts at 6 pool. I play Night Moves and follow that with Inside Dirt. Jay plays Eagle Sight, attempting to block. I played superior Forgotten Labyrinth and a Spying Mission. Jay DI's the Spying Mission and I follow up with a Cloak. Jay declines to block. A Night Moves and a stealthed bleed later, I oust Mark.

I have two cards left in my library. I concede my VP to Jay winning the 2-2-1 split on seeding,











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