Zurich Fellowship

Created by Karl Schaefer, 16-05-2021

Tournament: Restoration: Newark (12 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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Faye Reppas was playing a really cool Luke Fellows/Xendil Charmer multi-act deck. I was toying with some Powerbase: Zurich decks at the time and Luke, with his special, seems like a perfect fit. The deck is highly aggressive, but being !Gangrel doesn't appear to be a table threat immediately. I had previously played this in an online event taking first seed, but was stymied by Veil of Darkness.

Today was very strange. Luke made no appearance in the opening rounds, even after getting at least one decrypt in each round. In the finals, Powerbase: Zurich showed up too late to be useful. The deck, however, proved resilient. I was second seed for the final round.

The finals seatingJeff aus cel obf gun block/rush ->

Me ->

Mark Toreador w/for ->

Brad BH Assamite S/B ->

Alex Assamite Breed/BooThe finals were over pretty quickly with so much bleed and vote on the table. In turn 7, my Denette was Fame-dunked. She had Tasha, J.S., and a Camera Phone. Judgment: Camarilla Segration was in play so I contemplated burning her, but instead chose to rescue her with Lubomira, who wasn't going to be a good bleeder against my prey. I used Heidelberg Castle to split the retainers to Old Neddacka, leaving the Phone on Denette, and splitting the blood. I was able to get Mark down to 1 pool.

Mark ousts Brad via a bleed with Judgment: Cam Seg putting the final nail in his coffin. Alex fires off two Loss bleeds and calls a KRC, ousting Jeff.

On my turn, Powerbase: Zurich finally hits play in the finals. My prey is at 9 pool. I have 4 vampires: Luke, Lubomira, Old Ned, and Denette. Lobular hunts. Between the gear and Heidelberg Castle, I send in a 2, a 3, and a 4 bleed, ousting Mark.

Even though Alex was playing a breed deck, his opening crypt was all large vampires, so he only had 3 larger vampires in play. He finally gets two Embraces in play, but doesn't draw and pool gain. He has 11 pool when I start my turn. I am showing 12 bleed on the table and it's over. It was a flurry of ousts over two turns and the game was done.

Notes on playingYou only need 3-4 Instantaneous Transformation unlocks with Luke. His extra unlock every turn is already powerful. The rest can be used as stealth.

There are a lot of Masters. You must use your discard phase every turn; you do not want to am on Masters.











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