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Created by Alex Romano, 02-10-2021

Tournament: Origins - North American Championships (14 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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I squeaked into the final of NAC as the 5 seed and really did not like my seat as Mark’s deck was pretty fast.

The seating was as followMark(lasombra stealth bleed)—>myself(protean toreador anti)—>Brad Cashdollar(animalism Tremere)—>Matt Coombs(anti salubri dagger wall)—>Darby Keeney(Nephandi Swarm)

As the game developed, it became evident very early my path to victory. Mark brought out a small Lasombra and only Computer Hacked me for a bleed of 2 before I had a minion out. That was literally the last forward action he got that game as Darby absolutely obliterated all of Mark’s vampires with a Frontal Assault the next turn. He was left with one ready vampire in which he made Nocturns to block the forthcoming Nephandi swarm. As this was happening, I was able to influence out all four of my vampires and get two Vessels and The Rack on Malabranca as well as an Under Siege into play. This basically means I gain a minimum of 2 pool each turn and the Nephandi will not oust me unless I make a massive mistake.

One massive key swing in this game then occurred. Mark, crippled and down to around 2-3 pool was basically a foregone conclusion. Darby did not have The Unmasking in play at this point and I was holding two Entrancements, so without even needing a single action modifier I stole two of his four Nephandi, which led to many Nephandi-on-Nephandi battles. a. k. a. the worst combats of all time.

Brad was sitting around 7-8 pool at this time, and I drew a Fear of Mekhet which had Gabrielle Di Rhigetti’s name on it. This is a key point in the game because. as I said. this deck can be more about patience than anything. I did not play the Fear of Mekhet on the first turn I had it and lulled Brad into a false sense of security. On Matt’s turn Brad blocked one of the Salubri with a blade and an additional strike on him. and Dr John Dee went down. This left him with Gabrielle with two blood on her and Lord Tremere with three or four blood. I had a Palla Grande in hand as well as three Form of Mist I had been saving up.

So next turn hits and I play the Fear of Mekhet. Gabrielle dies and on the next go around I drop Palla Grande and blow through Brad. This was the first point I genuinely felt confident in winning. barring a timeout as Darby was the higher seed. From there I was able to get Matt after many turns of effort and only one minute and seven seconds left on the clock. Darby conceded and that was the game.











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