Shambling into the Void

Created by Karl Schaefer, 05-12-2021

Tournament: Nosferatu Hosting Loughman's Birthday (13 players)

Source: Tournament Winning Deck Archive




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I was hoping to play the new Ministry today, but with so many others planning to dthe same, I played this instead.

This deck is first and foremost a Shambling Horde deck, getting a 4-life Horde for 1 blood afteAngelique's special and a Perfectionist is rather great. The Legionnaires and AUS weenies helprovide mass for horde bleeding. A solid defense with The Unmasking and bounce helps keeps you ithe game even at low pool. The worst decks for you are voters that are cross-table or that have lot of stealth that can routinely get by your intercept. There were no such decks for me today.

I had a lucky two opening rounds. I was able to sit mostly unmolested and slowly build as mpredators were under threat. This enabled me to get two sweeps and enter the finals in first place.

Finals seatingKurt Kopp, new Anarch Gangrel wall: 0 VP ->

Me: 3 VP ->

Brad Cashdollar, Platnum Protocol bleed: 0 VP ->

John Mathys, V5 Malks: 2 VP ->

Mark Loughmn, Banu Haqim vote/combat: 0 VI decided to sit as far away from the bleed cannons as possible. They were stacked, so Brad wagoing to help John with bounced bleeds.

My opening hand was 3 Legionnaires and my opening crypt had no Angelique. I did have an InformatioHighway, so managed America and Hecate on turns one and two. I had The Unmaksing in play evebefore I recruited my first Legionnaire. This was useful as I was able to prevent Double Deuce froentering play. It cost me a Legionnaire, but Target Vitals left the vamp empty, making it a gootarget for Mark's Judgment: Camarilla Segregation on the following turn. I was able to stealth second Legionnaire into play.

Mark managed two actions, playing the aforementioned Judgment and calling Anathema on one of John'Malks. Before Mark was ousted, Kurt, seeing his future, burned John's hunting ground witRewilding.

After Mark was ousted, John had 4 vampires in play and the Anathema was at 4 blood. I offered trush that vampire with my lone Horde to prevent Kurt from doing so. Losing a vampire was a badeal, but having his prey gain 6 pool for it would have been worse. In the end John relented. I wa6 pool to the better and John had yet another person hampering his game. After throwing in a febleeds for 1, Brad takes his turn.

Brad fires off bleeds of 7, 5, and 4. All of them are bounced. Kurt manages to survive and John iable to land his bleeds. Kurt risks another vampire, really he had so few options at this point.

I push hard on Brad, failing to oust. Most of my 1 bleeds are bounced and my Horde rush was stymieby Earth Meld. Brad tried to get through John. There is more bounce. Kurt has to start torporizinBrad's vampire just to draw cards, hoping for more wake. Kurt is ousted by John. I get Brad down t2 pool. He has one vampire left. I'm now John's prey. I bounce a bleed of 5 at 2 stealth to Brad tgain my first VP. John sends two more vampires while I'm locked. I use Funeral Wake to bring up twHordes and try to block both bleeds. I catch the second one, sending the vampire to torpor. At thstart of my turn, John has two remaining ready vampires with one blood each. After two Hordrushes, he has no ready vampires. With 6 ready bleeders and John at 10 pool, he concedes.











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